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New unit of Cruzeiro’s Bar now at Center Norte

This week marks the opening of the 4th unit of Cruzeiro’s Bar in the city of São Paulo, now at Center Norte. Founded in 2011 in the northern region of the city now comes to Center Norte with the proposal to promote an authentic and true experience of old age bars, always with comfort, safety and convenience. One of the highlights of the new unit is a dedicated four-meter charcoal grill to prepare barbecue meats, the flagship of Cruzeiro’s Bar.

The opening of the store in Center Norte is marked by the introduction of a new special cut on the menu: the chorizo steak. This novelty comes in the wake of a very strong concept that the brand has been developing for years: the ‘Churrasco de Verdade’ (real barbecue). “Which is nothing more than going back the simplicity of our origins, of how we used to barbecue. We were raised in Anchieta, in the countryside of Santa Catarina, and there we learned that the ideal barbecue needs only quality meat, coarse salt for seasoning, and the heat of the coals for roasting. This is the same way we do it at Cruzeiro’s, in order to guarantee the authentic and honest flavor of the cuts served to our customers”, says Gelson Dargas, partner and barbecue chef at Cruzeiro’s.

A dish you can’t miss is Feijoada na Cumbuca, which will also be present in the menu served at the Center Norte unit of the restaurant. Complete and with high-quality ingredients, the dish will be prepared by a process developed 13 years ago and will be served on Saturdays, as it is a tradition in the city. Also famous in the menu are the finger foods known as bar food. Cruzeiro’s Bar offers a complete special beer list for all tastes, with about 40 labels and six beer taps, which will accommodate in a rotating system big brands and craft options from small breweries, such as the amburana and hazelnut draft beer.

The new unit is one of the brand’s largest. With about 250 m² of usable area, the project bets on the open and airy concept (like a small bar), but has separations between the spaces, divided for meetings, happy hours or family reunions. The mezzanine establishes this division in a natural way. The upper part will have a kids’ area and tables for larger groups.

“Cruzeiro’s Bar comes to strengthen the mix of food operations at Center Norte. Without a doubt, it will be a great success and should attract new connoisseurs, besides those who are already fans of the traditional restaurant and bar”, says Guilherme Marini, executive director of the mall.

Center Norte Mall

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sundays and holidays, from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. and the stores have the option to open from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.
Address: Travessa Casalbuono, 120 – Vila Guilherme – São Paulo/SP

About Center Norte
Founded in 1984, Shopping Center Norte is one of the most complete and diversified malls in the country. With a mix of 331 stores, the enterprise occupies an area of over 1 million ft². Besides the wide variety of stores and services, the mall features two food courts, including 66 restaurants, fast-food, snack bars and kiosks. Movie theaters and Playland comprise the entertainment area of mall which is constantly investing in innovative initiatives and unique campaigns. In these 36 years of operation, Center Norte keeps up with the growth and development of the sector in Brazil. The business is part of the Cidade Center Norte multi-use complex, which also includes Lar Center, Expo Center Norte, and Novotel Center Norte.

About Cruzeiro’s Bar
Cruzeiro’s Bar is part of the Grupo Família Dargas, which has been operating for almost 15 years in the bars and restaurants business in the metropolitan region of São Paulo. Overall, the group owns 10 enterprises in the cities of São Paulo, Santo André, and Carapicuíba. The first unit of Cruzeiro’s Bar was opened in 2011, on Rua Cruzeiro, Barra Funda. Besides being a tribute to the street where the bar is located, its name also alludes to typically Brazilian symbols, such as O Cruzeiro magazine and the old Brazilian currency also called cruzeiro. Cruzeiro’s Bar represents the traditional boteco culture and its main trademarks are the familiar atmosphere, the plentiful portions of typical bar food, and the very particular way it has brought the barbecue into its bars.

Press information:

CDI Comunicação (Cidade Center Norte)
Débora Camargo – – +55 (11) 3817-7959
Caroline Pasternack – – +55 (11) 96064-6491

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