Find out all the options for getting from one point to another within Cidade Center Norte.

For those who come by bike to Cidade Center Norte, there are bike lanes that connect all enterprises, as well as a bike rack located in the Lar Center parking lot.
There is a shuttle service that connects all the developments of Cidade Center Norte.
It operates from Monday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The departures are at Novotel Center Norte every hour (at 10 a.m., 11 a.m., etc.) and follows this route:
Novotel Center Norte – Center Norte – Lar Center – Expo Center Norte.

At each stop, there is a five-minute wait for embarking and disembarking.
On event days, the schedule is adapted so departures happen also 1 hour before the beginning of the event.
It is easy to get around on foot inside Cidade Center Norte.
Besides the sidewalks and pedestrian crosswalks, there is a footbridge that connects Center Norte to Lar Center.
Cidade Center Norte is located in the North area of São Paulo, close to the city center. It is about one kilometer from Marginal Tietê and has access to Dutra, Castelo Branco, and Anhanguera highways.

There are also parking options in all the developments. Information and access guidance for the parking areas at Cidade Center Norte:

• Center Norte
• Lar Center
• Novotel Center Norte
• Expo Center Norte
It is easy to get to Cidade Center Norte using public transportation.
Several regular bus lines pass by Cidade Center Norte surrounding streets.
The main one is 1730/10 Center Norte – Santana, a paid one, which leaves from Santana subway station, passes by Portuguesa-Tietê station, at the bus stop on Avenida Cruzeiro do Sul.

You can also use your mobility app to find out the best route by typing the name of the enterprise (Center Norte, Lar Center, Expo Center Norte or Novotel Center Norte) you want to visit as a destination.

If you have questions, check the SPTrans website or call the City Hall number 156.
There are taxi stops at all enterprises at Cidade Center Norte.
To come by Uber or other applications, type the name of the development you want to visit.
There are Uber stops at all the developments, signaled at the moment you request a ride through the app. Follow the directions to find the nearest one.

Phone numbers of the taxi stops at Cidade Center Norte:

• Center Norte (Carrefour): +55 (11) 2221-3980.
• Center Norte (Renner): +55 (11) 2221-8411 / +55 (11) 2221-0898.
• Expo Center Norte: +55 (11) 2163-8800.
• Lar Center: +55 (11) 2221-8166.

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