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Cidade Center Norte is one of the most important business hubs in Latin America. It started with Center Norte, in 1984, followed by Lar Center, the first mall in the country directed at the decoration industry; after that, Expo Center Norte was founded, an exhibition and convention center that hosts events of international level and soon after Novotel São Paulo Center Norte, a high-standard hotel chain, and finally Instituto Center Norte, a non-profit organization that aims at improving the quality of life of the population from the North area of the city.

Over an area of over 6 million square feet in the heart of the North region of the city, Cidade Center Norte is at privileged location with easy access from the main roads and highways of the city, close to Terminal Rodoviário do Tietê and only 13 km away from Guarulhos International Airport.

Get to know all the developments of Cidade Center Norte and find out why it is a privileged place to visit, to do business, to work and, in the future, to live.

Enterprises of

Cidade Center Norte

The family mall

One of the largest shopping malls in Latin America, with over 300 stores and a complete mix of options for shopping, dining, entertaining and services for the whole family.

• Founded in 1984
• The first mall in the North area of São Paulo
• One of the most loved and reminded shopping malls by São Paulo citizens
• Over 330 stores, in a space that also has movie theaters, two food courts and a variety of services
• Total area of 1,528,475 ft²
• 80 thousand visitors a day and about 120 thousand on special dates.

The mall for your home

The first decoration-themed mall in Brazil. With over 100 stores, everything related to the “home” segment in one place only.

• Founded in 1987
• The first themed mall in the city of São Paulo
• One of the greatest references in the city in architecture, design and decoration
• About 90 stores, including movie theaters, gym and restaurants
• Total area of 549,000 ft²
• About 20 thousand visitors a day and around 30 thousand on special occasions like holidays and events

Hotels and Resorts

The only world class hotel in the northern region of the city, managed by Grupo Accor, one of the biggest hotel chains in the world.
The hotel also features a spacious convention center, with an independent entrance and of the biggest in the city.

• Founded in 2000
• The only world class hotel in the northern region of the city
• Managed by Grupo Accor, one of the biggest hotel chains in the world
• 363 apartments for the most diverse public profiles
• Convention Center and meeting rooms with a total area of 31,000 ft²

Exhibition and Convention Center

One of the largest and most adaptable spaces for fairs and events in South America, it occupies a total area of over 1 million square feet, features 5 pavilions and is capable of having several simultaneous events.
At our international standard convention center, you can count on 21 acoustically isolated modular rooms with a capacity of up to 4,500 people simultaneously.

• Founded in 1993
• One of the largest and most adaptable spaces for fairs and events in South America
• 5 pavilions
• 21 auditoriums
• 1,000,000 ft² of total area
• Capacity for up to 4,500 simultaneous visitors

For a more innovative and sustainable North area

Instituto Center Norte is a non-profit organization founded by Cidade Center Norte in 2002 with the aim of helping improve quality of life and income of the residents of the North area of São Paulo (SP). The institution is part of the People pillar of the Elo Program and is in charge of all initiatives connected to citizenship in Cidade Center Norte.

Our efforts seek to contribute to the personal and professional development of the population as well as for the implementation of solutions and innovations in the social action, so that the northern area of the city becomes a sustainable development pole.

Mission, Vision and Values


To be a leader in the sustainable development of the northern region of the city as a reference in quality of life by promoting access to health, education, culture and entertainment ALWAYS keeping the respect to people.


To be recognized as the largest and most modern multipurpose complex, developing innovative businesses in retail, entertainment, services and events in a synergetic way that cause a positive impact on internal and external stakeholders in the northern region of São Paulo and which are relevant for the city.


ORGANIZATION AND DISCIPLINE – Dedication to work with organization, structure, and perseverance.
HONESTY – Honesty in relationships and attitudes. Being clear, transparent and ethical.
WORK / FAMILY – Creating a welcoming and professional environment, where family values are always present.
RESPECT – Respect for others, shown by listening without judgment and freedom of expression.
HUMILITY – Basing our internal and external relationships on principles of equality and justice, without any kind of personalism.
SIMPLICITY – To seek simplicity in work processes and relationships, generating agility, willingness and quality.
COURAGE – Having the courage to expose oneself, to dare and to undertake solutions.
WORKING WITH INCONFORMITY – Being healthily non-conformist. Always seek new alternatives and possibilities for action for the good of the Organization.

Our Code
of Conduct

Cidade Center Norte is part Grupo Baumgart, a multi-business conglomerate with over 1,000 employees and 84 years of history, whose culture is based on the pillars of credibility, trust, reputation, convenience, ease and excellence. Read our Code of Conduct and learn how we align our values with attitudes and behaviors on a daily basis.


Daniela Vidal Garcia Pavan Daniela Vidal Garcia Pavan

I have been in Cidade Center Norte for almost 2 years, and coming here has brought me two great personal milestones, the improvement in my quality of life and the opportunity to repay, through my work, in generating a positive impact in the ZN region of São Paulo, where I also live.
For me the big difference of the group is that we put into practice the values of the company on a daily basis, such as respect, work and family. We reinforce our commitment to the purpose of placing corporate sustainability as the purpose of our operations and the fundamental premise of the management of our business, aiming to generate positive and simultaneous results, for all our stakeholders, internal and external, in economic, environmental and social aspects. .
Guilherme Augusto Sepulveda da Silva Guilherme Augusto Sepulveda da Silva

I have just completed 7 months as a CCN employee and what I felt from the beginning was a welcome and a very pleasant environment to carry out my tasks. What surprised me since I arrived was to see how much the company values the human side of its employees, providing a pleasant and often uncluttered environment, which makes us even more comfortable to work.

The closeness and partnership of the departments makes the other employees, in fact, like a second family for me. I think that the company's engagement in human and social issues provides us with this pleasant environment, which ends up making our lives easier in the execution of daily tasks. After all, what makes the company move forward is this: the union, partnership, integration of departments and, of course, the dedication of all its employees!
Welton Sousa Castelo Branco Welton Sousa Castelo Branco

I had the honor and pleasure of being part of the staff of this wonderful company again. In my first visit, I had the opportunity to learn a lot about the follow-up of events, because here we have a work routine totally different from any other area, here we learn that the need to be versatile is one of the guidelines and brand for professionals, the each event, each fair, a new challenge. In this second passage, I had the opportunity to exercise a leadership position, I am learning and evolving every day, especially with regard to the importance of the human factor for the success of organizations, because we work with people, for people and for people . We have here a company that is very attached to its employees, that values, respects and encourages.
Magaly Regina Pereira Ramiro Magaly Regina Pereira Ramiro

I was looking for a replacement in the job market, here I found challenges that make me reinvent myself every day.
On the day of my hiring, I heard the question "" are you ready? "" And this question has been motivating me every day to overcome obstacles, to be better and to believe in dreams.
With admiration and pride of the team I work for and believing in the culture and values of the company, being part of the CCN team brings me immense gratitude!
Jessica Landim Ribeiro Mendes Jessica Landim Ribeiro Mendes

I arrived at CCN just over four years ago. During that time I have been through two different departments, and today I am being trained to support a third party. This is one of the things that enchants me at the company: this possibility of always learning something new and moving professionally, within the business itself!
In addition, the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, and I am part of a team that supports itself at all times, celebrating each achievement and rolling up its sleeves to help when challenges arise!
It is undoubtedly a company that goes beyond the basics and that we are proud to be part of!
Luis Felipe Tavares Saldanha Luis Felipe Tavares Saldanha

This year I will complete 17 years of Cidade Center Norte and I went through several stages of the company! What I realize is that at each stage Cidade Centro Norte is focused on bringing us a pleasant environment to be and work! I feel that, especially in the last few years, we have had incredible changes that have enabled me to grow not only professionally, but also personally! Although it has been an intense year with changes, adaptations and a lot of learning I am immensely grateful to be part of this place that is certainly very special to me!
Marcelo Bezerra Marcelo Bezerra

Working at Cidade Center Norte is an incredible and rewarding experience. We have a dedicated, helpful and dynamic team, which gives us the confidence to expose our ideas and put them into practice on a daily basis. I am delighted to be part of such a united and capable group.
Leticia Aparecida Resta de Jesus Leticia Aparecida Resta de Jesus

I entered Cidade Centro Norte as a young apprentice, where I was always given the opportunity to develop and almost 2 years ago I was hired as an Assistant. It is a pleasure to work here, as Cidade Center Norte provides us with elements to make us highly successful professionals, as well as a company that acts with transparency and respect. Here our suggestions for improvements are accepted and, this gives me confidence to do the best each day.
Willians Gleiber da Rocha Willians Gleiber da Rocha

Being part of the CCN team brings me immense gratitude!
The company's values and culture inspire me to do my best.
This gives me the assurance that my professional growth is in good hands and in what depends on me I will do my best.
In addition, the feeling that together we will go further is what fuels my day to day.
Giuliana Tavares Giuliana Tavares

I was welcomed by Cidade Center Norte 4 years ago, in a moment of searching for new professional horizons and a new way of working. He had also chosen to move to another city and was experiencing a scenario with many variables. This welcome that was given to me made all the difference within this context. At the beginning, I saw purposes and values in this new family of mine, the Center Norte family.
In addition to this welcoming environment, I received confidence and autonomy to face the challenges that presented themselves at that time, along with preparation and training.
Working in this city is inspiring, it is taking challenges daily and being encouraged to overcome them, it is getting out of your comfort zone, quickly and in an innovative way. And doing that with a tough team makes work a source of achievement.
And that has been the case since then, a mutual and very rich exchange of experiences and inspirations. Thank you City Center North.
Juliany Regina Amad Juliany Regina Amad

I was born and raised in the north of São Paulo, and as a good resident of the region I have always frequented the complexes of the city center north. I watched it grow, improve and become a place where I would feel at home, but I never imagined that in my first job opportunity I would be part of the backstage of all of this, and that above all, my main task would be to make the client feel at home. After joining CCN I was able to get a sense of the great gear that this complex is, which supports the northern zone and which is aware of its role in a sustainable society, I participated in many projects that I am pleased to say that have changed me not only as a professional but like person. Without a doubt, I am very proud to be part of a company with purposes similar to mine, which is aware of its impact and how to make that impact positive. And I can't help but thank my manager, who helped me grow as a professional, formed a team with a lot of synergy and with love for what she does.
Larissa Carneiro da Silva Larissa Carneiro da Silva

Since I was little I always went to Shopping Center Norte and having my first professional opportunity here was a great achievement for me. I started as an intern at CCN last year and from the beginning I felt welcomed and surrounded by people within my area, People and Management, with the same purpose: taking care of people. When I say about caring for people, I mean that when looking at a collaborator, first of all we see a human being with his personal life, his family, his hobbies and his own wishes, it shows us that, first of all, we must respect and offering a diverse and welcoming environment so that regardless of who that person is, they can feel good the way they are. This vision enchanted me, since I have always been very concerned with people's well-being and it is very good to be able to work believing, above all, in my life purpose.
In addition, I can clearly say that CCN is a welcoming place, I made friends and learned a lot from people who were willing to teach me. Now, effective and with all the knowledge I had during that period, I feel prepared and ready for the new challenges that await me. Working in Cidade Centro Norte makes me evolve as a professional and as a person, and it has been very rewarding to be here and to be able to see my evolution.
Karla Cristina da Silva Tulio Karla Cristina da Silva Tulio

When I started working at Center Norte, I soon noticed an engagement, commitment and respect from employees and that was what motivated me the most to want to stay on that team.
Today I am grateful to be here! 15 years have passed since I am part of the Center Norte Family with great pride and I try to give my best every day, learning and developing so that we can continue with an engaged team and who enjoy being in the position that they are doing what they do together to provide personalized service to our customers. At the moment we are living, being part of a company that seeks to reinvent itself every day thinking about every detail for the well-being of its employees and customers so that when entering the North and Lar Center Malls, they continue to feel safe as if they were in home, this is called trust in the work we do is the certainty that together we are stronger!
Vanessa Laiz Memoria de Oliveira Vanessa Laiz Memoria de Oliveira

I changed state in search of learning and experience with new technologies.
Cidade Center Norte has a vision of continuous improvement, always looking for news in the market. I am having access to several solutions, it has been a fantastic and challenging place for my professional and personal development. The work environment is very relaxed, people are welcoming, my managers are always willing to listen and put new ideas into practice, I feel that I really make a difference in the company.
Working in Cidade Centro Norte is motivating!

Corporate Governance

Grupo Baumgart adopts Corporate Governance practices for the sustainability and longevity of its business.
The enterprises of Cidade Center Norte are directed, monitored and encouraged, following the principles of Corporate Governance adopted by Grupo Baumgart. They align interests with the purpose of preserving and optimizing long-term economic value.


Awards and

2012 DCI Award.

The most admired companies in the industry

2016 Parceiro de Visão Award

Category: Marketing Event and Promotions. Case: Slumber party with the Easter bunny.

2016 Abrasce Gold Award.

Category: Marketing Event and Promotions. Case: Slumber party with the Easter bunny.

2018 Supporter Award

Silver Category: Fundação Gol de Letra

2019 Supporter Award

Silver Category: Fundação Gol de Letra

2019 Abrasce Gold Award

2019 Abrasce Gold Award

2019-2020 Municipal Human Rights and Diversity Award

Business Highlight Award

Associação Comercial de São Paulo

A Citizen

Learn about some of Cidade Center Norte initiatives and how they are contributing to citizenship and sustainability in our enterprises.

Cooperative Kiosk

Cooperative Kiosk is a space inside Center Norte dedicated for the use of NGOs and third sector institutions to sell products and improve their income and visibility of their work. Every three months, a new NGO may use the space.

Nowadays, the Cooperative Kiosk serves as part of the education in entrepreneurship of project Mulheres Empreendedoras, in a partnership established with Rede Asta, through which craftswomen who have completed the course are in charge of the management of the Kiosk and have to be responsible for product replacement, pricing, visual identity and customer relation, a way of reinforcing their learning.

Entre Rodas

The #NÃOÉMITO project encourages the exchange of soda can pull-tabs for hugs, and with the sale of the product, Entre Rodas buys customized wheelchairs made of aeronautic aluminum painted in the colors the kids wish.

Cidade Center Norte supports such an important and helpful project because we understand the importance of our clients participation in this campaign and with that reinforce our commitment to the process of initiative engagement.

Sessão Azul

After years of listening, observing and living the experiences of families of people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), we identified several cases in which family members stopped having a greater social interaction for fear of the autistic’s reaction in situations that may not be so comfortable for them. Some of them, such as going to the mall, restaurants, parties, or to the movies, apparently easy for people who do not suffer from ASD, can be very uncomfortable for autistic people.


CineMaterna are movie sessions for mothers with babies of up to 18 months of age, in which dads and companions are also welcome. At Center Norte, they take place monthly, with promotions like free tickets for some mothers.
The movies are for the adults’ entertainment, and the movie theaters are equipped to welcome babies with all the comfort: reduced sound, changing table in the room, softer air-conditioning and a mildly lit environment.

Instituto Center Norte: changing the present
and the future of the North area of the city

Instituto Center Norte is a non-profit organization founded by Cidade Center Norte in 2002 with the aim of helping improve quality of life and income of the residents of the North area of São Paulo (SP). The institution is part of the People pillar of the Elo Program and is in charge of all initiatives connected to citizenship in Cidade Center Norte.

Our efforts seek to contribute to the personal and professional development of the population as well as for the implementation of solutions and innovations in the social action, so that the northern area of the city becomes a sustainable development pole.


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