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Lar Center hosts Janelas CASACOR with the project “Espaço Sagrado” by architect Claudia Alionis

With an area of 20 feet, the space promotes reflection on the importance of connecting body and soul to our home

Starting November 8, Lar Center will be one of the stages of the São Paulo edition of Janelas CASACOR, a new project of Casa Cor that will invite reflection on the home after the pandemic period. Democratic and inclusive, the initiative will gather window-containers all over the country in an attempt to materialize the reality of the new way of living through the creative view of famous architects and designers invited to participate. There are two ways of visiting the exhibit: in person, complying with all health, safety, and social distancing protocols, or virtually on the official Casa Cor website, guided by the authors of each project.

Architect Claudia Alionis is the developer of the space presented at Lar Center and calls for reflecting on the importance of the home after the pandemic. “What does a home mean to us? For me, a lot! It welcomes us, protects us. More than a home, it is a place to be with family and friends, a safe haven, where the family’s history is written and where the encounter with the Sacred happens. It is up to us to reflect about the future we want to have and how our home will represent the planet. With more green and fewer objects, houses will be more sustainable and technological in order to connect us with the place where we live”, Claudia explains.

In São Paulo, Janelas CASACOR will be open for visitation in several places besides Lar Center. “We are very excited with the partnership with Casa Cor and to host this incredible project by architect Claudia Alionis, reinforcing the importance of home, which has gained an even more prominent place in our lives during the quarantine,” says Fabiana Teixeira, marketing manager of the mall that is a reference in the universe of architecture and design in São Paulo.

“Our mission is to offer our customers everything they need to meet their current needs. Lar Center brings together the best brands in the segment, with a portfolio that includes everything from basic construction materials for remodeling and building to furniture, lighting and decoration, electronics, every day accessories to pieces designed by renowned interior designers,” adds Fabiana.

“Espaço Sagrado” by Claudia Alionis

In the entrance hall, the neon that says “Purify your Soul” encourages visitors to think about the need to leave all the negative energies outside, removing all the “dirt” from our aura to then achieve more lightness and balance. The crystals, which perform a therapeutic function, reestablishing the vital energy, realigning the chakras, and protecting against diseases, are arranged on the countertop of the sink that was specially placed for hand hygiene. Another highlight of the environment is an imposing rack, specially designed by the architect, which serves as a support for clothes and shoes that arrive dirty from the street.

After the hall, the family living room takes the guests through another reflection: how much does garbage impact nature? Several researches point out that one of the effects of the pandemic was the increase in the generation of household waste. With the proposal of making a house as self-sustainable as possible and in order to reinforce the care with the garbage disposal, Claudia chose to bring a mini compost bin for recyclables that produces compost to be used in the vertical garden, located on top of the kitchen counter and that comes to show that people are more concerned about food and, therefore, started to grow food at home.

With a modern style and all made of pink peroba, the countertop in the pantry has a rustic texture due to the evident wood grooves and brings sustainability to the project. The stone wall covering gives that raw and natural touch. Not forgetting the importance of sanitizing the groceries as soon as you arrive home from the street, the kitchen cabinet, also made of pink peroba, has ozone technology equipment to disinfect the groceries before storing them.

Consumer relations have also changed with the isolation. People are thinking about living with less, appreciating only the essentials, and, with this, the environmental theme has gained strength. For this, Claudia chose furniture and objects that bring up the reuse of pieces in the decoration. To strengthen the familiar life, to cook and, at the same time, to chat with friends, she developed a space totally focused on virtual meetings, aiming to use technology to connect people who are not physically together.

About architect Claudia Alionis

Claudia Alionis is an award-winning architect who graduated in interior architecture from the Brazilian Academy of Art – ABRA and in architecture and urbanism from the University of Fine Arts of São Paulo. Since the beginning of her education, she has invested in courses such as Construction Management, Landscaping and Design, and worked for important architecture firms. In 2002, she founded her own company, where she developed several residential, corporate, commercial and decorative projects, establishing strong partnerships. She also participates frequently in exhibitions, such as CASACOR São Paulo. Her main focus is to create sustainable projects, which work with energy in favor of construction and which transmit to the resident the warmth of home.


Janelas CASACOR – “Espaço Sagrado” by Claudia Alionis

When: From November 8 to December 8

Visiting hours: From 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Prices: Free

Location: Lar Center (reserved area of the parking lot next to DiPaolo restaurant)

Address: Av. Otto Baumgart, 500 – Vila Guilherme – São Paulo/SP

About Lar Center

Founded in 1987, Lar Center is a reference in the universe of architecture and design in São Paulo. The enterprise gathers, in a single place, from basic materials for remodeling and construction to the most sophisticated furniture, lighting, and decoration lines, with pieces signed by renowned interior designers. In a wide area of 549 thousand square feet, there are about 100 stores, where you can find the main trends in the sector with a complete and diverse mix of products. Besides the specialized stores, the mall features a Decathlon megastore, a Selfit gym unit, restaurants, and coffee shops.

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