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Instituto Center Norte establishes partnership with Aromeiazero to get donations of unused bikes

The donated bicycles are refurbished by Instituto Aromeiazero at no cost, and donated to entrepreneurial and income generation projects.

The bicycle is of one the most common means of transportation worldwide and it makes it easier for people who need to move or even commute or use the vehicle as a source of income. That’s why bikes have to be on the go. With that in mind, Instituto Center Norte has partnered with Instituto Aromeiazero, which has developed several social projects that use bikes, to promote the Bike Parada Não Rola campaign.

From November 9 to 30, employees and store owners of the Center Norte and Lar Center can donate bicycles at the collection stand located next to the drive-thru, at Center Norte parking area. Customers of the malls who would like to participate can also donate directly to Aromeiazero, by filling out the form with all the requested information. Aromeiazero’s registry is always open to receive donations of bikes.

The goal of is to increase the number of donations received by the NGO, once the bicycles are sold to generate resources or reused in Mechanics and Entrepreneurship workshops offered to socially vulnerable youth. One of these workshops is Viver de Bike, which will have a special edition for the Zaki Narchi community, on the North area of the city, supported by Instituto Center Norte.

Scheduled to begin on November 23, the free course will offer 15 openings exclusively for community residents, who can enroll until November 16 through the site

During the training, content related to Traffic Safety, Routes and GPS, and Financial Management will be covered. At the end of the course, all the students will win a bicycle.

“Aromeiazero offers essential and disruptive support to many young people who are crazy about bikes and see this means of transportation as opportunity to create a different future. We are very excited about this partnership and hope that the donations are a success”, says Daniela Pavan, Sustainability Manager at Cidade Center Norte, a multi-use complex that comprises Center Norte, Lar Center, Expo Center Norte, Novotel Center Norte and Instituto Center Norte.

About Instituto Center Norte

Instituto Center Norte is a non-profit organization, founded by Cidade Center Norte whose purpose is to help improve the quality of life and income of the residents of northern region of São Paulo. Operations started in 2002 and, since then, the Center Norte Institute increasingly seeks to contribute to the personal and professional development of the region’s residents, as well as to implement solutions and innovations in social actions that aim at making the this region of the city a more sustainable area.  To unite and promote greater synergy among all sponsored and supported projects, strengthening social innovation and entrepreneurship as major agents of transformation, Rede Instituto Center Norte was founded in 2018.

About Aro

Instituto Aromeiazero is a non-profit organization that uses bicycles to reduce social inequalities and contribute to making cities more resilient. The projects are sponsored by companies and individuals, in addition to incentive laws, and most of initiatives are in peripheries and vulnerable communities. Since 2011, Aro’s initiatives promote an integral vision of the bicycle, enhancing cultural and artistic expressions, income generation and healthy life habits.


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