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Sustainability Day

Cidade Center Norte Sustainability Day was celebrated on June 22, with lectures covering “Sustainable Practices and the Future,” “Humanitarian Aids in times of COVID,” and “Quality of Life and Motivation.” And it was great! 178 people participated in the program, which had a lot of quality content.

Led by the employees who are part of the Internal Sustainability Commission (CIS), the Sustainability Day is an important milestone for us, as it reinforces our commitment to generate a positive impact for everyone, including our internal and external stakeholders.  

Leticia Aparecida Resta de Jesus, a member of CIS, attended the event and said she was very happy with the result. “Every year I get more motivated, and with the certainty that we should always provide a day or a week like this for our employees, partners, and third parties” – states Letícia – “It is very rewarding to know that both I and other people leave each lecture impacted or with a different vision. I hope that next year we can all be together, safe and healthy, for our 4th Sustainability Week”.

If you are our collaborator and could not attend or want to review the lectures, access our intranet and watch the videos.

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